• Relativistic simultaneity

    From Richard Hachel@21:1/5 to All on Thu Feb 22 16:43:41 2024
    The first thing to do, for anyone who wishes to write an interesting and innovative book on the theory of relativity, is to clearly explain what
    the relativity of simultaneity is (not to be confused, as the most often,
    with the notion of chronotropy).

    The matter is not very simple.

    Albert Einstein himself, wanting to copy Poincaré, lost his teeth.

    The great thing is to say: Ta'-Ta = 2AB/c

    Suffice it to say that a swallow is a swallow.

    This is reminiscent of a Chinese proverb: “When a swallow flies, it

    How could 120 years have passed on this stupidity, without anyone ever
    coming forward to explain things clearly?

    What is the relativity of simultaneity (I repeat, I am not talking about CHRONOTROPY, but about simultaneity)?

    How is it that two FIXED watches placed in two different places can never
    be physically in tune and that at best a synchronization thought of as intelligent, the other watch will this time be out of tune by dt=2AB/c.

    This should be debated if we understood that the good doctor Hachel is not
    a moron, but that in 40 years of reflection on the subject, he perhaps has interesting things to say.

    It should.

    Nobody ever talks about it.


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