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    From J. J. Lodder@21:1/5 to The Starmaker on Thu Jan 25 20:27:29 2024
    The Starmaker <starmaker@ix.netcom.com> wrote:

    There isn't not one
    book ever been written
    about Albert Einstein
    that contains any truth.

    If I'm wrong, name the book?

    I know it is wasted on you, but you could try:
    Abraham Pais, Subtle is the Lord.
    (beware, it is also a scientific biography,
    so much of it wil be too difficult for you)

    Note that Pais was appointed at Princeton in 1947,
    that he had an office next to Einstein,
    and that they met on an almost daily basis,
    until Einstein's death in 1955.
    They often had lunch together, and they went for walks in the park.

    What makes you think that Abraham Pais
    would have lied directly and completely
    about all he learned in his contacts with Einstein?


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