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    From Tom Roberts@21:1/5 to Laurence Clark Crossen on Mon Jan 22 22:15:46 2024
    On 1/22/24 9:49 PM, Laurence Clark Crossen wrote:
    [... complete nonsense]

    You REALLY do not understand basic physics. Grow up. Find a hobby more
    suited to your abilities (or lack thereof).

    Tom Roberts

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  • From gharnagel@21:1/5 to All on Thu Jan 25 17:06:57 2024
    Larry, you're overly hung-up on this baloney.


    "The concept of a "construct" has a long history in science; it is used in many,
    if not most, areas of science."

    "The degree to which a construct is useful and accepted as part of the current paradigm in a scientific community depends on empirical research that has demonstrated that a scientific construct has construct validity (especially, predictive validity)."

    "if properly understood and empirically corroborated, the "reification fallacy" applied to scientific constructs is not a fallacy at all; it is one part of theory creation and evaluation in 'Normal science'."

    The fact is, you have NOTHING but models of reality. Your mind builds models of
    the real world ad infinitum. You can't name even one thing that's authentic because all you have are thoughts in your head. Some of them seem to be in good
    agreement with what's out there ... and some of them aren't. In your case, MANY
    of them aren't.

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  • From Mikko@21:1/5 to Laurence Clark Crossen on Fri Jan 26 11:38:14 2024
    On 2024-01-23 03:49:49 +0000, Laurence Clark Crossen said:

    1. It attempts to explain gravity through the equivalence principle,
    which is merely a similarity, and by the reification fallacy of curved

    Reification is not a fallacy. It is a linguistic device that can be
    used in order to simplify presentations. Another similar device is personification. In some loanguages those devices are common and
    readers and listeners are expected to understand them.


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