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    Maciej Wozniak wrote:

    While the concept "as my ingenious and obviously
    correct clock synchronization procedure can't synchronize
    clocks - we have to abandon trying to synchronize
    clocks and announce the relativity of time" is, hmmm...
    strange - the definition of second as it was in 1905 is
    also making it self-denying.

    To make your beloved religion less inconsistent,
    you've created another, better differently concept
    of second (Cs 9 192 631 770) and are trying to
    enforce it with some administrative rules (SI

    Now, of course, your mad efforts are ignored by every
    real timekeeping system. Desynchronized clocks
    may have some magnificient symetry, but we
    need something else than having some symmetry
    from clocks and time.
    Practice - that's where any ideological madness
    ends. Like yours.

    clock synchronization is not possible.

    can you synchronize two sundials? 2 hour glass, salt clocks??

    Einstein had a differcult time synchronizing railroad clocks...

    what if he was born before mechanical clocks?? cuccoo clocks.

    he went cuccoo.

    When they asked him to build a bomb that
    would explode a ship...he went cuccoo trying to
    figure it out...it didn't work.

    He finally figure out how to make it work using... one clock.

    you don't put two fuses in a firecracker.

    one fuse
    one clock

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