• Re: How To Rig an Election, Again

    From Gronk@21:1/5 to The Starmaker on Thu Jan 11 23:24:00 2024
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    The Starmaker wrote:

    Bamboo ballots! Magic thermostats! Ballots from NoKo
    coming in to a port in Maine! HUGO CHAVEZ!

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  • From Volney@21:1/5 to Dwaine Narato Shibaguchi on Fri Jan 12 10:03:04 2024
    On 1/12/2024 7:33 AM, Dwaine Narato Shibaguchi wrote:

    There is no justification for the US-led military action under
    international law, Russia has stated

    Hahahahah!!!! ๅruโšก๏ธŽโšก๏ธŽiaๅ complaining about military action being illegal
    under international law! Nymshifter, you are a laugh!!

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