• [OT] A pedestrian-killing iPhone?

    From J. J. Lodder@21:1/5 to All on Tue Jan 9 23:36:14 2024
    In the olden days there was the 'pedestrian-killing penny' myth.
    It said that you might kill a pedestrian down below
    by throwing a penny from the top of the Empire State building.

    In Boeing's recent mishap with the 737-Max's escape door,
    an iPhone was blown out of the plane.
    The owner went searching for it on the ground,
    and found it beside a pavement, undamaged,
    and still open on the email he had been reading.
    (Bless Apple's Find My app for it)

    So the question:
    Could an iPhone dropped from 5000 meter conceivably kill a pedestrian?

    Related question: How does an iPhone fall?
    Horizontal? Vertical? Fluttering randomly?

    (My guesses: 1) No. And 2) The iPhone will fall stably rotating
    about its long axis, like a loose wing of a children's toy plane)
    Feel free to disagree.

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