• Relativistic rotating disk

    From Richard Hachel@21:1/5 to All on Mon Jan 1 12:03:44 2024
    Everyone knows the Poincaré-Lorentz transformations relating to reference frames in Galilean motion.

    I don't see any transformations involving rotating frames of reference.

    Many have thrown in the towel saying that the problem is too difficult,
    and we have proposed stupid things like "The circumference contracts but
    not the radius, and you have to use a saddle geometry".


    Proof that they understood nothing of the very basis of the theory, and, among them, the world's greatest physicists.

    Okay, the good transformers, I'll give them away.

    It's not insurmountably difficult, and a high school student could do

    You just need to master the concepts and clearly understand in your mind
    what you are talking about.


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