• Re: time ratios of different clocks changes if the inertial speed chang

    From J. J. Lodder@21:1/5 to Beda Pietanza on Sun Dec 24 14:54:18 2023
    Beda Pietanza <bedapietanza43@gmail.com> wrote:

    Consider different clocks, based on different working
    mechanism, in a lab moving inertially.
    The ratios between those different clocks are not maintained if the lab environment changes in any ways, included the change of the inertial speed
    of the lab. If this is true, as I am convinced, this would make SR just a math model illusion. cheers, beda

    So it isn't, and your firm convictions are of no help.
    For example Cesium and Rubidium clocks are found to keep the same time,
    to experimental accuracy, in the lab, and also in satellites,


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