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    From Richard Hachel@21:1/5 to All on Mon Dec 18 01:49:02 2023
    The relativistic universe is of great conceptual beauty and mathematical

    I've always said it.

    I have always said that beauty is the splendor of truth.

    If a theory is not beautiful, it is not true.

    But there may be strangenesses hidden beneath this beauty.

    Let's take a simple example.

    I have five boxes; in the first box, I have a candy.

    In the second box, I have two candies.

    In the third box, I have three candies.

    In the fourth box, I have four candies.

    In the fifth box, I have five candies.

    How many candies do I have in total?

    To find out, I have to add up all the candies,
    and I notice that the whole is the sum of all the parts.

    Everyone does like that.

    Now, in relativity, sometimes it doesn't work like that.

    Certainly, if I add up all the small parts of time specific to my traveler
    from Tau Ceti, who is going to go there, at 12 ly,
    distance divided into 12 segments of one light year, the sum of the proper times (the whole) will be equal to the sum of all the parts.

    We will say: My dear Doctor Hachel, how is it that an intelligence of your caliber, you who are called "the celestial light is among us", how is it
    that you tell us such evidence worthy of a kindergarten class?

    Because, celestial light obliges, a slap will inevitably take place.

    If we do the same thing with observable times, we will notice something surprising: the whole is less than the sum of the parts.

    We will say: but that is absurd.

    But no! It's not absurd.

    It's simply that, as I explained for the Langevin paradox, which I was the first to solve, YOU study the theory of relativity, but you don't
    understand it.

    You didn't understand anything.

    The rest is just arrogance and contempt from people who BELIEVE they have understood something, and who have understood nothing at all.

    Note something poignant: a relativistic physicist once said: "I don't understand the theory of relativity, something is wrong, and it will
    probably take a madman to explain all this."

    Or someone who will inevitably be called a moron, crazy, a mythomaniac, a

    It was evident. It COULD not be otherwise.

    Thank you for listening.


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