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    [REC]³ Genesis: A Bloody Wedding Horror Comedy
    [REC]³ Genesis is a 2012 Spanish horror comedy film directed by Paco Plaza. It is the third installment in the [REC] film series, which started with the 2007 film [REC] and its 2009 sequel [REC]². Unlike the previous two films, which used a found
    footage style, [REC]³ Genesis adopts a more conventional narrative approach.

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    The film follows a newlywed couple, Clara (Leticia Dolera) and Koldo (Diego Martín), who are celebrating their wedding at a country estate. However, their happy day turns into a nightmare when some of their guests become infected by a virus that turns
    them into rabid zombies. The couple must fight to survive and find each other amidst the chaos and carnage.

    [REC]³ Genesis is a horror film that mixes gore, humor, romance and action. It is a homage to classic zombie movies like Dawn of the Dead and Evil Dead, as well as a parody of romantic comedies like The Wedding Planner and My Big Fat Greek Wedding.
    The film received mixed reviews from critics and fans, who praised its entertainment value but criticized its departure from the original style and tone of the series.

    [REC]³ Genesis is available to watch online on various streaming platforms, such as Amazon Prime Video[^1^], Shudder[^2^], Google Play Movies[^2^], YouTube[^2^], Microsoft Store[^2^], etc. The film has a runtime of 80 minutes and is rated R in the US
    and 18 in the UK for strong bloody violence and gore.
    The film begins with a prologue that shows the events of [REC]² from a different perspective. A man named Adrián (Àlex Monner) is filming his uncle's wedding with a video camera. He witnesses the arrival of a mysterious old man who bites one of
    the guests. The infection spreads quickly and the guests start attacking each other. Adrián escapes with his camera and runs into the woods.

    The film then switches to the main story, which takes place at Clara and Koldo's wedding. The couple are having a great time with their family and friends, unaware of the horror that is about to unfold. The infection reaches the estate and soon the
    wedding turns into a bloodbath. Clara and Koldo get separated and try to find each other while avoiding the zombies. Along the way, they encounter various characters, such as Rafa (Ismael Martínez), Koldo's best friend; Atún (Borja González
    Santaolalla), a clumsy cousin; Víctor (Emilio Mencheta), a former soldier; John Esponja (Miguel Ángel González), a SpongeBob SquarePants impersonator; and Danilo (Ramon Agirre), a priest who claims to know the origin of the virus.

    The film ends with a twist that reveals the connection between [REC]³ Genesis and the previous films. Clara and Koldo manage to reunite and decide to face their fate together. They kiss passionately as they are surrounded by zombies. The film cuts to
    black and the credits roll.
    [REC]³ Genesis is a film that has divided the fans of the [REC] series. Some have enjoyed its comedic and romantic elements, while others have disliked its departure from the original style and tone of the series. The film has also been criticized for
    its lack of continuity and coherence with the previous films. For example, the origin of the virus is different from what was established in [REC]², and the timeline of the events is unclear.

    However, the film also has its merits. It is a fun and entertaining film that does not take itself too seriously. It has some memorable scenes and characters, such as Clara's chainsaw rampage, Koldo's suit of armor, and John Esponja's hilarious antics.
    It also has some nods and references to other horror films, such as The Exorcist, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and The Evil Dead. The film also pays tribute to the Spanish culture and traditions, such as the wedding customs, the music, and the food.

    [REC]³ Genesis is a film that can be enjoyed as a standalone horror comedy, but not as a part of the [REC] series. It is a film that has its flaws and strengths, but ultimately it is a matter of personal taste and preference. Some may love it, some
    may hate it, but no one can deny that it is a unique and original film.

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