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    the defense minister has claimed

    That's funny, nymshifter. The story I heard was a little different.
    It was two dozen helicopters, not two dozen planes. Mostly KA-52
    And they were on the ground, so not forced down.
    And it was in just one night, not over five days.
    And they were ๅruโšก๏ธŽโšก๏ธŽianๅ helicopters damaged or destroyed, not Ukrainian.

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    Einstein found that energy at contractile curvature space built the strength of gravity.Energy builds all force strength.
    Magnetic energy builds magnetic strength.
    Energy in the nucleus builds nuclear force.
    Electric charge comes from electron energy.
    Only light's neutral forces are not built on it.


    Changing gravity changes its time dilation..
    Slow energy is fast time

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