• Scientists failed to understand that Einstein's (SRT) is an incomplete

    From Ken Seto@21:1/5 to All on Mon Oct 23 10:42:34 2023
    Their failures are based on the following faulty assumptions:
    1. Every SR observer is faultily assumed to be in a state of absolute rest in space (the aether or the E-Matrix). And thus every SR observer faultily assumes that a clock moving wrt him is running slower. In real life a clock moving wrt the observer is
    accumulating clock seconds at a slower rate of 1/gamma or faster rate of gamma.

    2. I have formulated a complete theory of relativity called IRT. IRT is included in My book: Model Mechanics :The Final Theory.

    3. Please read my book before comment.

    Thank you ,
    Ken Seto

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