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    Here is an example of the typical books Scientists write.

    Scientists write entire books on a subject and at the end they have no answers.

    Why do people sleep? And other unanswered questions https://www.economist.com/culture/2023/10/11/why-do-people-sleep-and-other-unanswered-questions

    "Despite all the progress of the past 50 years, scientists are still
    unsure what sleep is for."
    is still a mystery researchers are trying to solve...

    Why do they even bother to write books they know nothing about? Cause
    they know...nothing.

    A Universe From Nothing.

    at least that title sez they know nothing...

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    Starmaker, now please ask the question the other way around: What animal does not sleep? I think quite a few go into torpor or hibernation or estivation. But I classify these states as a sort of sleep. Why would evolution produce animals that are
    utterly unaware and incapable of sensing the dangers around them for one third of their lives?

    Sharks are said not to sleep. Do insects sleep? And speaking of insects, does Dono ever sleep?

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