• About inconsistency of the mumble of your idiot guru

    From Maciej Wozniak@21:1/5 to All on Mon Sep 4 22:02:02 2023
    As seen, the definition of second loved so
    much to be invoked by relativistic morons -
    wasn't valid in the time when their idiot guru
    lived and mumbled. Up to 1960 it was ordinary
    1/86400 of a solar day, also in physics.

    Now: an observer moving with c/2 wrt
    solar system is measuring the length
    of solar day. What is the result predicted
    by the Einsteinian physics?
    One prediction is - 99766. From the
    postulates. The second prediction is -
    86400. From definition.
    And similiarly with the prediction of
    a measurement of a meridian.

    Thank you for your attention, poor
    relativistic fanatics, have a nice day.

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