• Washington State and Relativity -- Chap. 5, LIGO

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    You take Stevens Drive north out of Richland WA which after a slight curve to the NW becomes Hanford Rte. 4 S. After you pass the multi-billion dollar boondoggle Battle Memorial PNL there is nothing but desert for as far as the eye can see. The
    Columbia River is up there somewhere, cut deep into the volcanic basalt so as to be completely hidden from your view. As you continue on this course, you will begin to notice reactor containment buildings dotting the landscape--they are all separated by
    200 kiloton blast zone diameters. If you drive too far on Rte. 4S you encounter the Fermi security gate, at which are stationed armed paramilitary security personal who immediately direct you to execute U-turn and send you back down Rte. 4 S towards the
    LIGO turnoff you have obviously missed....

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