• [SR] Pharao, let my people go!

    From Richard Hachel@21:1/5 to All on Fri May 5 21:23:39 2023
    Let's pose a simple problem.

    Where is the star traveler when he is exactly thirteen and a half years

    All the relativists in the world, because they are obviously sincere men
    who firmly believe that they are geniuses who have assimilated the Poincaré-Lorentz transformations well (as I like to call them) and that
    the others are morons of which I am the greatest (what class! what
    greatness of thought in them!) will, as always, make the braggarts.

    And they will say: "At this moment of his journey, the traveler is exactly
    in the middle of his return journey".

    They are obviously 100% right.

    Of course yes, they are right.

    And if we ask them the question: at this moment, what is the apparent
    speed of the earth returning towards them knowing that v=0.8c?

    They will still be 100% right and say that we must set Vapp=v/sqrt(1+cosµ.v/c) and that we will have Vapp=4c.

    So far, so good.

    But you can well imagine that the venom of my question is in the tail of
    the post.

    In caudae venenum.

    Knowing that the apparent speed of the earth is 4c, and that the traveler
    must travel another four and a half years (to reach the earth and be 18
    years old) what is the distance that remains to be traveled?

    And you understand why the paradox is here, and why it was easy to see, instead of pretending, that everything I said was true?


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