• Toddd Bowers:

    From Ken Seto@21:1/5 to All on Wed May 3 17:01:38 2023
    Dear Mr. Brown,

    My TV was set at 60.
    I will now reduce it to 50.
    How low do you want me to reduce it to so the other tenant wouldn't hear it? DId you connsider that it is the building construction not up to the current sound proof standard?
    I got my right and I won't leave my apartment in 30 days.
    I want to meet with you but one was ever in the office Perrhaps you can give me a call so that we can arrange a meeting. I like to go over what you need. As of now the US Soial Security is my only income. I have a Camadian income of Appromately C$2500.
    00 the slip for this was on my desk yestoday, but some one entering into my apartmant and took it. In case that money is to pay my sister for her to keeop a room at her house.

    Ken Seto

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