• Online Training Program on CFD with OpenFOAM: Start from April 24, 2017

    From trushar.gohil@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Fri Feb 17 01:14:55 2017
    The goal of the present training is to objectively appreciate the open source CFD code OpenFOAM for use on various types of problems. This training gives the platform to the participant to understand OpenFOAM for basic to advanced to programming level.

    Participant can register the event for three different modules:

    Basic Module (25 Hrs)
    Advanced Module (22 Hrs)
    Programming Module (20 Hrs)

    Course delivery will be in English.
    Coursed execution through Cisco Webex. It will be very easy to share your desktop and experience a classroom teaching.
    You will get all required material in PDF before each session start.
    Each session will be of maximum 2 Hrs and per day only one session. This will allow the participant to understand OpenFoam very slowly and easily.

    More detail please visit event page: http://www.cfdtraining.org/openfoam-online-training-2017.html

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