• Here is my final thoughts about USL ...

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    Here is my final thoughts about USL ...

    And if you look at the following web page from Dr. Gunther the
    author of USL:


    He is applying his USL methodology to mixed workload on web database
    systems, but i have thought more, and i think that he is wrong
    to apply it this way, and i have explained why, but this is
    not the end of the story, if you set constant the number
    of worker threads on the database system, and apply USL
    the the computer server of the database system and if
    the the USL revealed a more linear scalability up the
    number of worker threads, that means that we can apply
    the above methodology on the link above on mixed worloads,
    and i think it will work.

    So USL methodology is still useful and important, since
    as i said before you can forecast scalability optimistically
    with it up to 3X the number of maximum cores of the empirical
    performance data as in the raytracer performance data that
    i have presented, and you can use it to forecast the response-time
    even on mixed workload of Ecommerce database systems and database
    systems in general.

    So finally i have made USL methology important to us..

    So this is why my USL programs are still useful, so
    i will add to my USL programs nonlinear regression,
    so stay tuned because version 3.0 of my USL programs are
    coming soon...

    You find version 2.82 of my USL programs with the source code here:


    Thank you,
    Amine Moulay Ramdane.

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