• I have come to an interesting subject...

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    I have come to an interesting subject...

    I will now give my critics of the methodology of USL that is
    using Dr. Gunther the author of USL..

    Here is his methodology of USL represented in an R package:


    And read Dr. Gunther about USL here:


    I have just thought about his methodology of using Parallel
    systems as a black box using mathematical regression to quantify
    and predict scalability, and i think he is wrong doing it so..

    Because when the serial part is for example 1/8 of the parallel part,
    you can probalistically get much more scalability with less parallel

    I mean: probabilistically, not probalistically.

    threads and less cores than when testing with more and more cores,
    because with more and more cores you will get more and more contention
    on the serial part , so the Dr. Gunther methodology fails , because
    it is testing the system with less cores and less threads, so it will
    not get and predict the right or a better approximation of the
    scalability, so i say that Dr. Gunther methodology of USL fails and is
    not the right tool, and more than that , as i said before it is not
    suited for critical systems that demand and require us to know
    the worst-case performance.

    Thank you,
    Amine Moulay Ramdane.

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