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    I have finally understood ...

    I will make you understand the USL methodology...

    If you read this book about USL methodology from Baron Schwartz:


    This Baron Schwartz is saying in this book that USL methodology
    using nonlinear regression can predict scalability, but i have
    finally understood that this Baron Schwartz is making a mistake,
    this is what have made me make a mistake, simply because, in a parallel program, a locked region using locks can escape contention at fewer
    cores and fewer threads and can than hit the contention at more cores
    and more threads.. so you can not use nonlinear regression to predict scalability as is saying Baron Schwartz in his book..
    so what is the purpose of the USL methodology that uses nonlinear
    regression? its purpose is to permit us to test and see
    how much there is contention and how much there is crosstalk(cache
    misses etc..), that's all, it's not a tool to predict scalability.

    Thank you,
    Amine Moulay Ramdane.

    you are abusing this site.

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