• Read again, i correct a typo

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    Read again, i correct a typo

    About our world..

    I have studied operational research, and you have to understand
    a very important thing, you have to understand that science
    and technology and economy have to follow some rules
    of logistics in operational research, this is the deficiency
    of neo-nazism and such violent ideologies, they are not
    understanding the game of today that needs logistics
    to be more successful, so the world has changed and neo-nazism
    is not understanding this changing, changes such as you are seeing USA companies coming to Morocco my country such as the following(this is
    also following rules of logistics):

    I am a white arab from Morocco, here is US Companies Operating in Morocco:


    I think DXC Technology was not on the list, here it is:

    Look at the following video about DXC Technology in Morocco:


    Read about DXC Technology here:


    So as you are noticing USA is also understanding that we have to know
    how to work together to be more efficient ! this is why it is working
    and investing in other countries such as Morocco !

    So i think we have to be more optimistic about USA..

    Thank you,
    Amine Moulay Ramdane.

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