• I explain more the USL methodology of my USL programs...

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    I explain more the USL methodology of my USL programs...

    the USL's law is a rational function that is equal to:

    C(N) = N/(1 + α (N − 1) + β N (N − 1))

    I have made mistake in my previous proof, but now i have undertood
    completely the USL methodology, the α is the contention and β is
    the crosstalk.. but when you have a parallel program that
    have a locked region using locks , if you empirically benchmark the
    scalability of this parallel program , the graph of the empirical
    scalability will look like the rational function above with
    a corresponding parameters α and β, and this behavior of the
    empirical world of parallel programs permit us to predict
    scalability using nonlinear regression or polynomial regression,
    this is why my USL programs are great because they permit
    us to predict scalability and they don't have any limitation
    because they give a good approximation.

    I have just updated my USL programs that works great to version 3.1...

    I have included the 32 bit and 64 bit windows executables of my programs
    inside the zip file to easy the job for you.

    You can download my USL programs version 3.1 with the source code from:


    Thank you,
    Amine Moulay Ramdane.

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