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    About my Diploma..

    I have said that i have gotten my Diploma in Microelectronics and
    informatics in 1988, it is not a college level diploma, my Diploma is a university level Diploma, it looks like an Associate degree or the
    french DEUG.

    Read here about the Associate degree:


    I have also succeeded one year of pure mathematics at the university
    level of mathematics.

    So i have got a college Diploma, and after that i have also studied and succeeded 3 years at the university level.

    And i have worked as a computer programmer and i have worked as a
    a network administrator and i have worked as a software consultant,
    and i have also studied operational research , this is why
    you have seen me implementing in front of you my PERT library,
    here is my some of other projects:

    Why Go Optimization ?

    Shorter horizons. Planning horizons are now typically around three
    months, thanks to the reporting period required by the gnomes on Wall
    Street. Only efficient optimization is compatible with that kind of requirements.

    Tactical planning. It's already a jungle out there when it comes to
    developing or installing large-scale distributed applications. That,
    combined with shorter development times and launch horizons, requires
    efficient optimization.

    Capital efficiency. Efficient optimization is not just about the future. Efficient optimization addresses the serious need to squeeze more out of
    your current capital equipment.

    Better tools. To solve performance problems in datacenters involving
    1000s of servers spanning multiple tiers, we need tools that go beyond
    simple reporting and enable better data discovery.

    And here is some of my useful software tools that i have created:

    Universal Scalability Law program was updated to version 3.12

    Author: Amine Moulay Ramdane

    Now it compiles correctly on LLVM-based Delphi compilers..

    Where also do you use it ?

    You use it for example to optimize more the cost/performance ratio on multicores and manycores.

    With -nlr option means that the problem will be solved with the
    mathematical nonlinear regression using the simplex method as a
    minimization, if you don't specify -nlr, the problem will be solved by
    default by the mathematical polynomial regression, and since it uses
    regression , you can use it for example to test your system on many more
    cores with just a few points, and after that using regression it searchs
    for the cost/performance ratio that is optimal for you.

    Please read more about my Universal Scalability Law for Delphi and
    FreePascal, it comes with a graphical and a command-line program.

    I have included a 32 bit and 64 bit windows executables called usl.exe
    and usl_graph.exe inside the zip, please read the readme file to know
    how to use it, it is a very powerful tool.

    You can read about it and download the new version 3.12 from here:



    You have to appreciate my inventions of my C++ synchronization objects library..

    Here is why:

    Here is the problem of optimistic Transactional memory:

    If there is more conflicts between reads and writes you have to rollback
    and to serialize also etc. and this will be less energy efficient and it
    will be less faster than pessimistic locking mechanisms

    So i think that my C++ Synchronization objects and my Delphi
    synchronization objects are still really useful..

    You can read about it and download it from:

    Thank you,


    Scalable Parallel C++ Conjugate Gradient Linear System Solver
    Library version 1.64

    Author: Amine Moulay Ramdane


    This library contains a Scalable Parallel implementation of
    Conjugate Gradient Dense Linear System Solver library that is
    NUMA-aware and cache-aware, and it contains also a Scalable
    Parallel implementation of Conjugate Gradient Sparse Linear
    System Solver library that is cache-aware.

    Please download the zip file and read the readme file inside the
    zip to know how to use it.

    Language: GNU C++ and Visual C++ and C++Builder

    Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac OS X on (x86)

    You can download it from:


    You can download my other projects from:


    Thank you,
    Amine Moulay Ramdane.

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