• Best BPH treatment? : tamsoulosin (Flomax) PLUS finasteride (Prosca

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    I've been making a detailed study of drug BPH remedies. A glorious jungle ! >>>
    Here is the first draft of a web page of that jungle:


    It's fresh off the Excel page.

    I'm starting beta-sitosterol today in place of one of my two
    saw-palmetto pills. I don't want to drop the saw-palmetto because
    it would mean two changes and spoil the experiment. So, compromise.

    Wish me luck. Come back January 1, 2014 for the results.

    Any comments, please. Here or e-mail.

    January 2, 2014 after three months of beta-sitosterol from the
    Vitamin Shoppe, 300 mg phytosterol providing 120 mg beta-sitosterol.
    In place of one of my two saw palmetto pills.

    Nothing to report, as we all expected. Still up once at night. Still >>dribble. Who knows what if I hadn't taken b-s?

    On principle, I'll continue and report January 2015. Watch for it.

    Now it's May 21, 2015. Here's the report:
    <<<<< Report >>>>>

    still on b-s and saw, up twice a night, 200ml, age 94
    no knowledge here bye
    i will not report again -- no point to it
    MasonC http:\\frontal-lobe.info

    I lied. Here's a report. Taking saw palmetto (perhaps useless?)
    and Flomax (works, I think) and beta-siterol (I dunno what it does.)
    I avoid any dehydration--drink lots of water anytime, including
    every time I get up at night.

    I get up 3 times at night and enjoy the pee and curling up with
    my Walkman telling Lord Dunsany tales from Librivox.com. (I'm 96.)

    My bladder holds 300 ml plus. I pee 120 to 240 usually.

    Seems like "overactive bladder". But, at my age, light sleep and
    frequent waking are "normal". Fun, even.

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