• Prostate Biopsy

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    Hello all and thanks in advance for any information you may provide.
    My primary care physician recently referred me to a urologist as my
    PSA test had gone up significantly from the previous test (to 4.9). I
    should mention I have no symptoms of enlarged prostate whatsoever at
    age 67. The urologist has scheduled me for a prostate biopsy
    (ultrasound guided via rectum) and reading the description of the
    procedure has me frankly anxious. I’m sure many of you in this group
    have had a similar procedure. Is it as bad as it appears to be? Am I worrying needlessly? Any tips? Thanks again.

    I had a frequent urination and when i'm driving, after colonoscopy, i cannot urinate
    cannot hold bladder, after i complain to my primary doctor, he sent me urologist, and says 14 PSA, so i did a biopsy, its an old doctor, did not use any anesthesia, he gave me Tamsulusin, After that i never want to come back to that urologist but
    urination is becoming a problem, I found a young urologist, And precribed me Finasteride, I feel well but PSA still in excess of 30, I took the finasteride for long time, my hair start growing fast, so we decided to have another biopsy,
    this he uses a lot of local anesthesia, no sign of cancer but my PSA was 34, so we decided to have a surgery, my brother have the same but in third world country, his got infected because catheter came off, was placed back by nurse, mine was firm didn't
    use a
    latex product, he almost died because of infection, mine healed for 3 months without any infection, but we discussed that my sex will have radical change, the glands that generate the clear liquid during sex stopped but urinating better was a lot better,
    he say urinating like a baby, its true, its discharging
    like faucet, never had one before, kidneys better, afraid of drinking so much, not anymore and you could hold bladder for long time and could discharged so fast, sometime it bother me when it splashed to my pants, I'm in my 60+ so wife appreciate it so
    much, doesn't have to tell me to d'ont forget to urinate before we go, I notice my fellow men had a problems starting 50, no exception, any race, they all the same. If you have a large prostate d'ont have a colonoscopy, chances it will get hurt by
    instrument, you cannot complain about it.

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