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    The brother of one of my best friends is covered by a
    Kaiser HMO. In November of last year he went in for
    a checkup and the doctor ran an ultra-sound on his
    bladder and said he was full of urine. The patient,
    Jim. said he had no urge to urinate but the doctor
    proposed to install a catheter to drain his bladder.
    Jim consented. After the procedure the doctor sent
    Jim home with the catheter and an external bag.

    The catheter was left in place for a couple of
    weeks at which point Jim developed a bladder infection.
    The catheter was removed and Jim was given anti-biotics
    which did not clear up the infection. Kaiser suggested
    a TURP for Jim, and he accepted the offer. That procedure
    was performed on Dec 4, 2015. Now, two months later,
    there has been absolutely no improvement in the
    frequency of urination (every hour) either during
    the day or night. Moreover, the UTI continues and
    an assay of the urine reveals that Jim is infected
    with a anti-biotic resistant strain of bacteria.

    I would appreciate any advice for Jim, especially
    from someone familiar with Kaiser. Jim lives in
    Los Angeles.

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