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    Malecare in collaboration with Massive Bio is bringing genomic medicine to prostate cancer patients. We want to help men make more appropriate and precise treatment choices. This new field is called Molecular Oncology. For prostate cancer patients,
    molecular oncology includes the extraordinary opportunity of examining your previously harvested biopsy tissue with new DNA and genomic tests.

    Malecare and Massive Bio are offering free molecular profiling tests and reimbursement support for off-indication therapies. We only have the capacity to offer this to 200 men, so, "act now." Go to: http://malecare.org/molecular-oncology read through
    the FAQ's and consider signing up!

    Here's how Molecular Pathology works.
    Archived tumor specimens and tissues gathered in clinical trials are sequenced. The molecular profile of each tumor is then matched with clinical data, including the specific patient's outcome and response to therapy.
    The molecular oncologist can then suggest specific treatments and clinical trials that might deliver benefits, based on your unique genomic profile. The goal is to match your tumor with the appropriate treatment.

    Patient's that most benefit from molecular oncology:
    1. Patients who have prostate cancer classified as castration resistant, are in stage III or IV. You are typically at a decision point to switch to chemotherapy (like docetaxel), after several lines of various androgen therapies.
    2. Patients who have already done a multi-gene panel molecular profiling test on a recent biopsy (like FoundationOne, Caris Molecular Intelligence, or Quest Diagnostics).

    We think this is a marvelous opportunity for Malecare members to benefit from cutting edge, state of the art oncology at no cost. Molecular oncology is proving itself in many different cancer types, but only recently in prostate cancer. You will be
    among the very first prostate cancer patients to benefit from Massive Bio, so, be sure to discuss all the recommendations and clinical trial opportunities their oncologists and genomic experts suggest, with your current treating urologist or oncologist.
    Please go to http://malecare.org/molecular-oncology/ read through the FAQ's and consider signing up.

    Please feel encouraged to contact me with any questions or comments.

    Best regards,

    Darryl Mitteldorf, LCSW
    Executive Director
    Men fighting cancer, together.

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