• Gat-Goren nonsurgical method for BPH

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    It's May2015, now over three years since my Gat Goren procedure.

    Before the procedure, I was up many times every night, Always bursting to go but taking half an hour to dribble out, on finasteride and diffundox and had to plan everything around going to the loo. My urologist wrote off Gat Goren procedure and
    was totally uninterested - as have been the NHS, Insurers and others. I'm happy to undertake any tests and I'm happy to talk to anyone who is considering treatment for enlarged prostate.


    No drugs
    No getting up at night
    Normal visits daytime
    Constant stream ( although not like a firehose ).

    Conclusion: the procedure changed my life it's Worth every penny.....

    Not felt the need to even bother with the urologists or doctors.

    Really glad for your excellent outcome! My Urologist - very sensibly - commented on my interest in GG, that rigorous clinical trails were so far, lacking. True. But.....if the Proceedure is a direct outcome of Dr Gat's successful work on
    Varicocele, maybe one can be optimistic about long term outcome?

    GG offers a reason for Hypertrophy, Hyperplasia adn Neoplasia; and an immediate answer to the Paradox of Low Serum Testosterone alongside BPH; and gives an explaination fro Orsted et al's statistical correlation between BPH and PCa! What more?
    But....those clincal trials??? Very soon, I trust!

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