• How much Saw Palmetto is enough ?

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    I've just discovered this forum. I'd like to ask two questions.

    I'm 66 and have BPH since 2004. My case doesn't seem to be too
    severe so far. But it is uncomfortable and sometimes embarrassing.

    I have been taking Saw Palmetto for almost 5 years. I began with
    the 60 mg extract capsules. I took one a day for three years and am
    now taking one of the 160 mg capsules daily. Could someone tell me
    whether that dosage seems about right. I think I may need to
    increase it. My condition is erratic. Sometimes I am OK for a two
    weeks and then I have trouble for a week.

    The other question is about antihistamines. I have a very bad sinus condition. I know that over the counter sprays are bad. Has
    anybody had any experience with Flonase or Nasacort ? Or anything
    that helps stuffiness that doesn't affect urinating ?

    I was taking a saw palmetto supplements for10 yrs for BPH and it worked fairly good. My PSA was always in the 2's. Of course my doctor hated it... I stopped taking it as it did upset my stomach, my psa instantly rose to 10. I mean in a month. They did a
    biopsy and I had prostate cancer with and Gleason score of 10, metastasized to my bladder and my back. Stage 4. Now in told that this and other "prostate supplements" can "mask" the PSA levels and mine could have been growing for years. yes years. That
    is why it's now all over the place. As soon as I stopped taking it my real PSA was exposed and the rest was already done. I wish I listened to my doctor and stayed away from the "miracle cures" of the day. Get all the info from your doctor and stay away
    from miracle cures of "natural ways" to heal your self. If I only listened.

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