• Iron In Gestational Diabetes

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    The Correlation between Plasma Ferritin Level and Gestational Diabetes Mellitus and its Impact on Fetal Macrosomia
    Journal of Diabetes Investigation
    Zhiguo Wang,Hai-bo Fan,Wan-wei Yang,Xiao-dong Mao,Shu-hang Xu,Xiao-ping Ma, Gui-ping Wan,Xiao-ming Yao,Keyang Chen
    Accepted manuscript online: 14 March 2018
    DOI: 10.1111/jdi.12836 View/save citation

    To explore the relationship between plasma iron levels and gestational diabetes mellitus, as well as its impact on macrosomia.

    Materials and Methods
    We retrospectively compared ferritin level and other Characteristics between GDM gravidas and no-GDM gravidas. The correlation between the levels of plasma ferritin and glucose, Haemoglobin was explored. Meanwhile, we assessed the risk factors of
    macrosomia outcome. Furthermore, we explored the relationship between ferritin level and the incidence of macrosomia outcome.

    A total of 793 gravidas were enrolled in this study, of which, 92 gravidas had GDM, and 701 pregnant women were healthy. Meanwhile, 51 gravidas gave birth with macrosomia, another 742 women had normal infants. Compared with non-GDM women, gravidas with
    GDM were older, with higher levels of pre-pregnant BMI, plasma ferritin, fasting plasma glucose, 1h-postprandial glucose, 2h-PG and haemoglobin. In addition, our results revealed the significant positive correlation between the levels of ferritin and FPG
    when ferritin level was more than 70 ng/ml. Our results also showed pre-pregnant overweight or obesity, high concentration of ferritin, as well as abnormal levels of FPG, 1h-PG and 2h-PG were the risk links with macrosomia outcome. Furthermore, as the
    level of ferritin increased, so was the incidence of macrosomia outcome increased.

    The current study provides evidence that gravidas with high level of ferritin may be prone to GDM. Besides, high level of ferritin may be an independent risk factor for macrosomia outcome. Therefore, the negative effect of iron supplementation in non-
    anemia pregnant women may be noteworthy.


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