• Phytate Intake In Insulin Sensitivity Daily phytate intake increases ad

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    Daily phytate intake increases adiponectin levels among patients with diabetes type 2: a randomized crossover trial
    Randomized Controlled Trial Nutr Diabetes. 2023 Feb 28;13(1):2.
    Pilar Sanchis 1 2 3, Paula Calvo 4 5, Antelm Pujol 6, Rosmeri Rivera 6, Francisco Berga 4 5, Regina Fortuny 6, Antonia Costa-Bauza 4 5, Felix Grases 4 5, Luis Masmiquel 7
    PMID: 36854678 PMCID: PMC9975181 DOI: 10.1038/s41387-023-00231-9
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    Aim: Adiponectin, a major adipokine secreted by adipose tissue, has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity. Myo-inositol hexaphosphate (phytate; InsP6) is a natural compound that is abundant in cereals, legumes, and nuts that has demonstrated to have
    different beneficial properties in patients with diabetes type 2.

    Methods: We performed a randomized crossover trial to investigate the impact of daily consumption of InsP6 on serum levels of adiponectin, TNF-alpha, IL-6, and IL-1beta in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM; n = 39). Thus, we measure serum
    levels of these inflammatory markers, classic vascular risk factors, and urinary InsP6 at baseline and at the end of the intervention period.

    Results: Patients who consumed InsP6 supplements for 3 months had higher levels of adiponectin and lower HbA1c than those who did not consume InsP6. No differences were found in TNF-alpha, IL-6, and IL-1beta.

    Conclusion: This is the first report to show that consumption of InsP6 increases plasma adiponectin concentration in patients with T2DM. Consequently, our findings indicate that following a phytate-rich diet has beneficial effects on adiponectin and
    HbA1c concentrations and it could help to prevent or minimize diabetic-related complications.

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    Phytate is 'natures premiere iron chelator', used by some to lower their iron levels, IP6.

    Eating soy lowers those iron level markers, but ONLY if the phytate has been left in the food / soy.

    “Soy protein with native phytate significantly reduced tHcy (P = 0.017), transferrin saturation (P = 0.027), and ferritin (P = 0.029), whereas soy protein with native isoflavones had no effect on any variables.”


    "When the same subjects, that are following a low phytate diet, went onto normal phytate diet, a rise of plasma phytate was produced at 15 days"


    “It seems that reduced insulin sensitivity in meat-eaters is amenable to improvement by reducing body Fe”


    Who loves ya.

    Jesus Was A Vegetarian!

    Man Is A Herbivore!


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