• 300 mg edible strength

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    300 mg edible strength
    How strong is a 300mg edible?

    300 mg edible strength Sorry if this isn’t the best post for this but I was wondering what peoples experience with 300mg was like. Edibles have never really worked for me in the past (200mg got me a mild high) but I have a feeling 300 will be crazy.

    Me and a friend are going to a concert tonight and are planning on smoking a little bit then eating our edibles (his is an Incredibles Peanut Budda Buddha 200mg and mine is a Incredibles Mile High Mint 300mg). Will the edibles be enough or should we
    smoke on top of it? And would you recommend eating it all at once or should I only do 200-250mg then see how I feel?

    300 mg edible strength

    Edit: Thanks for the replies! I’m going to do the full 300mg and not smoke on top of it. It’s interesting that most people only need about 50-100mg. I’ve eaten a few candies with 100mg and I barely got a buzz while my friends were all way too high
    haha. I’ll post back here probably so hopefully some others who are like me and have a hard to getting high from edibles will know what the dose is like haha

    Edit 2: I’m hoping people interested in doing a strong edible like me will see this post and reconsider. Most people can not handle that much and it’s not even worth risking it. My friend did a 200mg edible and had a terrible time. He puked until
    blood came out, was extremely nervous, and felt dizzy until I got him home. I was very concerned for him and thought about bringing him to a hospital because he puked a lot of blood. I did 300mg and felt the effects very quickly. It took about 45 minutes
    for me to get to my highest point last night which was about a 7.5. I was high for probably 5-6 hours and it was awesome because I usually sober out (when I smoke) after 40 minutes. I’m not sure why I didn’t pass out or have a panic attack like my
    friend but that’s always how I have been with edibles. I smoke and dab every day so I am very used to controlling myself while high which may have helped me last night. I would advise anyone interested in doing strong edibles to be very careful and
    consider the dangers of edibles compared to just smoking. 200-300mg is too much for nearly anyone to do and I don’t want anyone to try it and have a bad time like my friend did. These are the edibles we had (I had the Mile High Mint and he had the
    Peanut Budda Buddha)

    When consumed properly, edibles can be amazing for both recreational and medical users. However, when not taken correctly, edibles can cause more undesirable side effects than any other intake form. It’s important you get the dosing correct in order to
    have an enjoyable experience, which is why we created this dosing guide with an edible dosage chart.

    Edibles can come in many forms, including sweets, food, capsules, mints, beverages, and more. While they’re safe and you can’t really overdose to the point that it would you’d experience long-term consequences, it’s not hard to take too much and
    have a really uncomfortable experience.

    Here’s our guide on how to dose edibles safely and effectively.
    3 Factors That Influence How High You Get From Edibles

    While you may think the only thing that will determine how high you get is dosage, that’s actually not true. There are several factors involved.

    Clearly, everyone is unique. Everyone’s physiology is different, so no one will react exactly the same way to the same substance. What may make one person happy and invigorated may make another person feel anxious and paranoid.
    Environment and Expectations

    Make sure you take edibles in a comfortable environment. Nothing can mess with your high more than feeling like you’re not in a safe and comfortable environment.

    No big surprise here. The lower the dose you take, the less high you’ll get, while the higher the dose you take, the higher you’ll get. You’re probably thinking, “Thanks Captain Obvious!”

    300 mg edible strength

    There’s a trap many of fall into. We take a dose that makes us feel really good. Then we think, “Well if this much makes me feel ‘really good,’ if I take more, it will make me feel great!”


    There’s a sweet spot, and if you exceed your sweet spot, you won’t feel great anymore. You’ll feel downright awful.
    Edible Dosage Chart

    Here’s a handy little chart courtesy of Leafly and Dr. Dustin Sulak from Healer.com:

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