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    Gorilla glue number 4 After 20 years of Diesel domination, growers have increasingly hybridized Diesel into all manner of crosses, and Gorilla Glue #4 takes Diesel crosses to a whole different level.

    Gorilla glue number 4 is essentially Diesel that’s been triple back-crossed to a Chocolate Thai — meaning select Diesel-related cuts were bred with other select Diesel cuts, over and over again. The added Chocolate Thai genetics provide more sativa
    effects, plus a sweet, chocolaty, earthy under-note for all that astringent Diesel.

    According to reports, Gorilla glue number 4 was accidentally created by breeder Joesy Whales when some Diesel-related Chem Sis plants he was growing turned hermaphroditic — developing both male and female sex organs — and then pollinated his Sour
    Dubb (another Diesel relative). Growers planted the freaks and numbered them in the order they popped, and #4 has stood out ever since.

    When trimming up the strain, the resin was so intense that when Whales took a phone a call, the phone subsequently stuck to his hand like Gorilla Glue. Gorilla Glue is now a full-blown breeding company in its own right, releasing Gorilla Glue #1 and #5,
    and tightly licensing the “ GG” genetics to select cultivators.

    Well-grown Gorilla glue number 4 looks like one of the most potent strains on the planet. When grown successfully, it’s near-white with trichomes — cannabis psychoactive surface glands. Underneath the white is a light-green colored leaf with a
    dapple of darkness.

    Gorilla Glue #4 can smell like a more peppery, super-potent premium Diesel (lemony, piney and slightly minty) supported by a sweet, chocolate under-note.

    Well-dried and cured Gorilla Glue #4 feels dusty, as the trichomes break off in your hand, but the nugs are dense, sticky with resin. The strain’s copious resin can lock up trimmers’ scissors and become seemingly impossible to get off.

    The buds tend to be small or mid-sized, with a medium density. Grinding reduces Gorilla Glue #4 to potent near-dust, and its smoke is medium to heavy-bodied, and hyper-potent with the bite of fuel, and the silkiness of a chocolate back-note.

    The strain’s effects are great for midday to late-night — producing a Diesel’s mix of elated calmness, and visual intensity. Intense hybridizing has grounded and thickened the sativa’s effects. Functional at low to medium doses after tolerance

    Vaped or smoked, Gorilla glue number 4 effects are near-instant and the sativa hybrid can reduce stress and pain, and give energy and euphoria to some depression sufferers.


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