• the Ravings of Taka are NOT for anybody

    From Large Hadron Collider@21:1/5 to John H. Gohde on Fri Dec 13 18:26:48 2019
    On 15-06-09 16 h 36, John H. Gohde wrote:
    Once again, the Ravings of Taka are NOT for anybody.

    Now, if this Pultz could only go away.

    Don't go away Mad Taka, just go away. Moi, the new sheriff is in town. :)

    Once again, JHG's mad ravings demonstrate his limitless hypocrisy.

    The pot calling the kettle a tad charred.

    Live natural. Eat meat. You're on my killfile.

    Wanna make a Tory angry? Tell him the truth.

    Wanna make an American conservative angry? Tell him something
    truthy, be it true or not. Those guys LIVE ON LIES.

    Wanna make a liberal angry... correction, sad? Tell 'em you
    believe Conservative bullshit.

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