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    Phytochemistry Book Chapter Contribution

    Dear Colleagues,


    I invite you to join me in this project. Its an international book project open to everyone across the world. Currently, about 10 international collaborators have indicated interest. You can find our progress report via this researchgate link. This
    project was initiated this month (August, 2017) and planned to span a period of six months. The book will be published online and anyone can order for it. Contributing authors will retain the right to use, reuse, distribute, rent or lend.

    If you are interested, kindly email me at egbuna.cg@coou.edu.ng on topic you wish to write on. NB: You can find from a list of topics on our reserchgate project centre.
    Project link: https://www.researchgate.net/project/Collaborative-work-on-developing-a-Book-on-Phytochemistry

    Propose book titles
    The Fundamentals of Phytochemistry in Nutrition and Herbal Medicine.

    The Isolation, Characterization, and Extraction of phytochemicals.

    Topics to select from is as follows:
    Phytochemicals of nutraceutical importance.
    The role of dietary phytochemicals in modulating the immune system. Biosynthesis of phytochemicals.
    Mechanism of actions of phytochemicals.
    Effect of environmental factors on variation and distribution of phytochemicals.
    Phytochemicals in disease management. - Cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, neurodegenerative diseases.
    Phytochemicals in the management and treatment of cancer
    Phytochemicals in the management of diabetes
    Phytochemical with anti-venom activities.
    Phytochemicals of marine origin.
    Extractions of Phytochemicals of marine origin.
    Antioxidants of marine origin.
    Phytochemical biopesticides.
    Insecticides and herbicides of natural origin.
    Essential oil in pest and disease management.
    The essential oil in food preservations.
    Phytochemicals in bioterrorism.
    Antinutrients, toxic phytochemicals, safety approach.
    Computational approach in phytochemical research. Molecular docking studies of bioactive components on living system.
    The Phytochemist.
    Phytochemical research institutes/associations and grants.
    Extraction protocols. Phytochemical screening and Extractions, characterization, choice of solvents and preparations
    Analytical Techniques in phytochemical research: Chromatographic methods: Thin layer chromatography, column chromatography, HPLC, gas chromatography. Spectroscopic methods. NMR, MS, UV-DAD. Many more, Adaptable methods.
    Green tea chemistry: Peculiar phytochemicals, class and structure, plant types found, mechanisms/effects on biological system, Health benefits of green tea, Negative effects, Processing of green tea etc.
    Role of phytochemistry in the classification of plants- taxonomy science, techniques involved.
    Phytochemical engineering: Genetic engineering point of view.
    Metabolon of phytochemical importance.
    The role of phytochemistry in phytoremediation and extractions.
    Traditional and complementary medicine ethnopharmacology.
    Ethnobotannical studies of indigeneous plants used in the treatment of diseases.
    Indigenous knowledge of phytochemicals in disease management- ‘Country specific’: The importance of the knowledge of phytochemistry in herbal formulation. The traditional management of common diseases- skin infections, snake bite, scorpion sting
    treatments, minor cuts, fever, infertility, food poisoning remedies, wrinkles and pimples, tooth ache etc. Laboratory checks, regulations and way forward. NB: Authors from different countries can apply to write on this.
    Herbal/supplement formulation:- screening, isolation and characterization, quality control: toxicological studies, microbial studies/clinical trials, preservation, regulations.
    Repurposing, reformulation in herbal preparation/drug discovery, role of phytochemical research in modern medicine, Classical plant derived drugs.
    Role of phytochemical research in livestock managements
    Recent advances, draw backs in phytochemical research and way forward.

    Thank you all,
    Looking forward to receiving your mails.
    Best regards,
    Egbuna C. https://www.researchgate.net/project/Collaborative-work-on-developing-a-Book-on-Phytochemistry

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