• John Gohde is WRONG!

    From Large Hadron Collider@21:1/5 to John H. Gohde on Fri Dec 13 18:09:54 2019
    On 14-01-10 19 h 03, John H. Gohde wrote:
    On Friday, January 10, 2014 8:51:49 PM UTC-5, Nomen Nescio wrote:
    Ignore the idiot. His nonsense is dangerous to your health.


    NN isn't wrong. Vegetarianism is harmful to human health. It's hard on
    your kidneys if you carry it out too long because your blood sugar could
    go sky high. It's hard on your muscles because you don't get sufficient complete protein, especially as you age. It's hard on your liver because
    of the sky high sugars and insulin levels. It's hard on your brain
    because it is a low-B12 and pathologically low-iron diet, and veganism
    is essentially free of multiple essential nutrients. Are you still
    willing to risk your health, Mr Gohde?

    Wanna make a Tory angry? Tell him the truth.

    Wanna make an American conservative angry? Tell him something
    truthy, be it true or not. Those guys LIVE ON LIES.

    Wanna make a liberal angry... correction, sad? Tell 'em you
    believe Conservative bullshit.

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