• Iron In Reproduction

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    Tissue Trace Elements and Lipid Peroxidation in Breeding Female Bank Voles Myodes glareolus.
    Bonda-Ostaszewska E, et al.
    Biol Trace Elem Res. 2018.

    Recent studies have demonstrated that reproduction reduces oxidative damage in various tissues of small mammal females. The present work was designed to determine whether the reduction of oxidative stress in reproductive bank vole females was associated
    with changes in tissue trace elements (iron, copper, zinc) that play an essential role in the production of reactive oxygen species. Lipid peroxidation (a marker of oxidative stress) and iron concentration in liver, kidneys, and skeletal muscles of
    reproducing bank vole females that weaned one litter were significantly lower than in non-reproducing females; linear regression analysis confirmed a positive relation between the tissue iron and lipid peroxidation. The concentrations of copper were
    significantly lower only in skeletal muscles of reproductive females and correlated positively with lipid peroxidation. No changes in tissue zinc were found in breeding females when compared with non-breeding animals. These data indicate that decreases
    in tissue iron and copper concentrations may be responsible for the reduction of oxidative stress in reproductive bank vole females.

    PMID 29704204

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