• Science Beads - Pre Filled Tubes and Bulk.

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    S.A.M. supplies Zirconium beads, Garnet beads, Borosilicate Glass Balls, Grinding media and tubes for all the major manufactured homogenizers, matrix lysing and bead disrupters that allow the use of microtiter plates, deep
    well titer plates, 2ml tubes, 15ml tubes and 50ml tubes. * Pricing
    schedules available from 1 to 100 bags, 10 to 1,000 Plates. Also bulk
    package beads and tubes are available. What are your bead and tube needs?
    * Do you have a special need? Our Laboratory can blend beads for your particular samples? Glass, Metal, Zirconium, etc. Contact us and speak with
    our Scientific Bead Technologist.
    * Looking for preloaded microtiter plates? S.A.M. has them for all your
    Lysing needs.
    * Isolation of DNA samples. Used to lyse Mycobacterium for DNA and RNA isolation.
    * Please contact S.A.M. to discuss the correct product for you.
    * Beads, Bead kit not listed??? We can make them for you - your way.
    - Contact S.A.M. @ 908-604-1417 or email @ gotosam@gotosam.com
    Manufactures such as,
    Bertin Precellys 24 & Dual
    Mo-Bio Power Lyzer 24
    Omni Bead Ruptor 24
    Omni Power Lyzer 24
    Benchmark Beadblaster 24
    Benchmark BeadBug
    Qiagen QIAshredder & TissueLyser II
    QBiogene Fast Prep
    Savant FASTPrep
    SPEX Sample Prep 2010 GENO/Grinder
    Troemner HT Homogenizer
    Pulsing Vortex Mixer
    BioSpec Minibeadbeater 16, 24

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