• Grand Daddy Purple

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    Grand Daddy Purple

    Grand Daddy Purp, known by many people as Granddaddy Purple, is of California origins, a region of the world that has produced some of the best strains known to date. Born in the early-noughties, she is a very famous and much-loved strain resulting from
    the crossbreeding of Purple Urkle and Big Bud. Purple Urkle passed down mouthwatering tastes of grape and berry, whereas Big Bud passed on the trait of large and dense flowers. Grand Daddy Purp is used numerous times for breeding projects as a parent
    strain. Chocolate Mint OG, Grandoggy Purps and Bubba Island Kush are just a few names of famous strains that contain genetics from Grand Daddy Purp.

    The indica-dominant Grand Daddy Purp will outshine other strains within the grow room or garden when it comes to aesthetics. Her flowers develop deep shades of purple made even more beautiful by bright orange calyxes and shiny white resin. If you are
    lighting up some Grand Daddy Purp, expect some deep, relaxing effects that easy the body while your mind wonders through a dreamy haze. She can quite easily lock you on your couch.

    Grand Daddy Purp is an easy strain to grow and is perfectly suited for beginners. Grand Daddy Purp delivers large yields and thanks to her small size she’s great for indoor operations where space is an issue. The flowering period of Grand Daddy Purp is
    8-9 weeks.

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