• Liquidation October 2015 Laboratory Assets over $250

    From Chris McManemin@21:1/5 to All on Wed Oct 21 10:41:16 2015
    Liquidation October 2015 Special - Assets over $250

    All assets powered up - 14 day return included.

    Full warranties and refurbishing available on most items.


    Manufacturer and Model

    ABI Perkin-Elmer GeneAmp 9600 PCR System 384 well

    ABI Perkin Elmer 9600 PCR thermal Cycler - 96 well block

    ABI 392 Sequencer with MELCARD - Excellent

    AALBORG GFC37 Mass Flow Controller

    AALBORG Model GFM37 Mass Flowmeter

    American Scientific Model YB-521 Shaking water bath

    Applikon Pilot 40 Fermentor w/ Sussman Electric Boiler

    Applied Biosystems 785A HPLC Absorbance Detector

    Applied BioSystems - GeneAmp 9700 96 Well Block Part # N8050251

    Applied BioSystems - GeneAmp 9700 Starter Kit

    Apple Computer - G3 Laptop

    Apple Computer G3 Tower - Gray Color S/N; XB0093W7J2S

    B. Braun BioStat B Fermentor w/1.5 Litre Vessel

    Barnstead/Turner SP 830 Plus SM110215 UV/Vis spectrophotometer

    Baker EdgeGARD 6 ft. Laminar Flow Hood

    Barnstead / Thermolyne Type 45700 Cellgro Stirrer

    Barnstead / Lab-Line Model MaxQ 7000 E Class Shaking water bath

    Barnstead / Lab Line Model MaxQ 5000 Floor Shaker

    Beckman Coulter Avanti J-26 XPI Centrifuge

    Beckman Coulter J-26 XPi Floor Model Centrifuge with rotor

    Beckman Instruments J2-21M High Speed Centrifuge

    Beckman Coulter Microfuge 18 Tabletop Centrifuge w F241.5P Rotor

    Beckman Allegra 6 Centrifuge with GH 3.8 Rotor and buckets

    Beckman Coulter GPKR knee well centrifuge with rotor

    Beckman J2-MI Refrigerated floor model centrifuge

    Beckman SW 28 Swinging Bucket Rotor

    Beckman-Coulter NVT 90 Near Vertical Tube Rotor w/kit S/N: 924

    Beckman-Coulter MicroPlate Carriers model SX4750 (Set of two)

    Beckman-Coulter Swinging buckets SX4750 Max 4750rpm

    Beckman-Coulter JS 3.2 Swing Bucket Rotor S/N: 4002

    Beckman-Coulter DU530 UV/Vis Spectrophotometer

    Beckman-Coulter DU-Series Transport

    Beckman-Coulter Series 600 Sipper with flowcell

    Beckman-Coulter Spectrophotometer Silica Glass Micro Cells
    p/n: 533040

    Becton Dickenson FACSCalibur w/SORT, G5, Software

    Becton Dickinson FacScan Service Kit (consumable kit) p/n: 343524

    Benchmark MY-Fuge Mini Centrifuge

    Bertin Technologies - Precyllis 24 Shell - Excellent

    BioRad Immager

    Buxton Glass Washer Model 4 with rack

    Brinkman Metrohm 660 Condutometer

    Branson Sonifier Model 450 with Horn and Box

    Cole Parmer Polystat R28L recirculating water bath

    Cylinder cage (31"W x 32"L x 64"H)

    CMS Minicams Continuous Air Monitor

    Dabrico Vial Inspection Station DTI-100

    Dynex Ultrawash Plus plate washer

    Dayton Model 4B238 Air Compressor

    Dayton Model 4Z336 Vacuum Pump

    Edwards RV8 Rotary Vacuum Pump (Rebuilt)

    Eppendorf Model 5415C microcentrifuge with rotor

    Eppendorf Model 5415D Microcentrifuge

    EG&G Berthold Junior tube luminometer

    Eldex Model 1SMP Pulseless pump

    Fisher Gas Regulator CGA 320

    Fisher Scientific Accumet 915 pH Meter with probe

    Fisher Scientific Isotemp Oven Model 750F

    Flowtech Labtop 250 integrated pump system

    GE Optica chilled mirror hygrometer with temp and 1111H probes

    Gilson Autosampler Model 215

    GeneVac Evaporation CVP 100

    GeneVac HT-4

    GeneVac Evaporation VC3000D

    Gast Model 1023-V131Q-SG608X Vacuum Pump

    Gast Model 1423-103Q-G626X Vacuum Pump

    Hamilton Micro Lab 500 Series Drive unit Model 35892

    Heraeus Incubator Model BB6220 Gas Jacketed / CO2

    Hitachi F-1050 HPLC Fluorescence Detector

    HP Model 8452A Diode Array Spectrophotometer

    Hewlett Packard Capillary Electrophoresis System HP 3DCE

    Harris Model HLT-4V-4BBA18 Refrigerator

    Heinicke Model H-1000 Glasswasher / Dishwasher

    Hoefer Model IEF100 Isoelectric Focusing Unit

    Hydro Reverse Osmosis System model 04040

    IEC Centra MP4R Microcentrifuge with rotor

    Instrumentation Laboratory CO-Oximeter 282

    International Portland Corporation Clean Air Station Model 350 2' x 2'

    J&W Scientific Intelligent Flowmeter

    J-KEM Scientific BTS 3000 Digital Oscillator Orbital Shaker w/ Plate

    Jouan CR3-12 refrigerated table top centrifuge w/ rotor

    Kendro HERA Safe Type II A2 BioSaftey Cabinet with stand

    Kenmore Refrigerator Model 253.18351004

    KNF Neuberger Model UN035 STP Diaphragm Vacuum Pump

    Kelvinator Scientific Lab Freezer - Dual Door Model BT50FS-4

    Kewaunee Supreme Air Chemical Fume Hood w/Base Cabinets

    Labconco Centrivap Cold Trap

    Lab-Line Explosion proof Refrigerator

    Lab-Line Model 3506 Reciprocal Shaker

    Lab-Line digital Oscillator Orbital Shaker w/Plate

    Lancer 1300UP Glassware washing system (washer / dryer) w/ racks

    Labsystems Model 371 Fluoroskan II fluorescent microplate reader

    Lybold Trivac D8A Vacuum Pump Rotary Vane

    Metal Work Table (60"L x 34"W x 33"H)

    Mettler AE100 Balance

    Mettler Moisture Balance LP16

    Mettler SB16000 top loading balance

    Mettler Toledo 8571 Analytical Balance

    Mettler Toledo SR32000

    Microscoptics IV-900 Inverted Microscope

    Michigan Recovery Inc. Minuteman Wet Dry Vac MRS-4

    M&O Perry Model P1510 Filling Station

    Molecular Devices Spectamax L Microtiter Plate Reader

    MJ Research PTC-225 Power Supply made by Lucent - 240V

    New Brunswick Scientific / Bohdan 420 Orbital Shaker w/Cover

    New Brunswick Scientific Innova 2000 Benchtop Enclosed Shaker

    New Brunswick Scientific Innova 40 Benchtop Enclosed Shaker

    New Brunswick Scientific Innova 4000 Table Top Shaker - Enclosed

    New Brunswick Scientific Innova 44R Floor Model Shaker

    New Brunswick Scientific FibraStage with controller

    New Brunswick Classic C2 Platform Shaker

    New Brunswick Scientific G25-KC incubator shaker

    New Brunswick Scientific G-76 Water Bath Shaker

    New Brunswick Scientific Model G2 gyrotory shaker

    New Brunswick Scientific Model 2180 Floor Shaker w/ universal Platform

    Neslab Chiller Endocal RTE-100

    Neslab Chiller CTF-25

    Nikon Eclipse TS100 inverted microscope with digital camera

    NuAire LabGard 4-foot Class II Type A/B3 Biological Safety Cabinet
    with new filters

    NuAire 6-foot Class II Type A2 biological safety cabinet w/ stand

    Olympus CH2 inverted microscope. Case & 4,10,40, 100 Objectives

    Omnimark Mark2 Moisture Analyzer

    Pall Corporation Maxim UF/MF Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF)

    Panasonic Single Door Laboratory Freezer w/ Control

    Precision Reciprocal Water Bath

    Precision Scientific Model 66799 Shallow Form Shaking Bath

    Perkin Elmer Victor 3 Model 1420-012 s/n: 4207039

    Perkin Elmer Victor 2 Model 1420-042 s/n: 4205423

    Perkin Elmer / Wallac Victor 1420-004 Models Multilabel Counter

    Perkin Elmer / Wallac Victor 1420-002 Models Multilabel Counter

    Sartorius Sartocon 2 Plus Stainless Steel Holder

    Savant VP 190 Two Stage Vacuum Pump

    Savant Model SVC-100D SpeedVac Concentrator w/ RH-40-11 Rotor

    Sedere SEDEX ELSD Detector Model 75

    SE-CUR-ALL Safety Storage Cabinet Model A145 43w x 18d x65h

    SE-CUR-ALL Safety Storage Cabinet Model W1080 56 x 32 x 65.5

    SECURALL Safety Storage Cabinet Model A102 22x17x17

    Sheldon CytoSpin Rotor

    Sorvall A384 24place rotor s/n: 9551792

    Sorvall Microtiter Plate Carrier p/n: 11065

    Sorvall SA 600 rotor 12 place with lid

    Sorvall GSA fixed angle rotor (6 x 250ml) with lid

    Sorvall SL-50T Rotor

    Sorvall TV865B rotor SN:8211892 with tubes inserts, lid & caps

    Sorvall TYP TFT 6513 rotor SN:11525 with lid and caps

    Sorvall H6000A 6x1000 rotor

    Sorvall H-6000A/HBB-6 (6x1L) rotor w/ buckets

    Sorvall HB-4 rotor (4 x 50)

    Sorvall RC-5B Plus Superspeed floor model centrifuge

    Sorvall RC-5C Superspeed floor model centrifuge

    Sorvall SS-34 High Speed Centrifuge Rotor

    Sorvall SS-34 High Speed Centrifuge Rotor

    Stenner Model 45M1 Peristaltic Pump

    Stenner Model SVP1 Peristaltic Pump

    Shimadzu SCL-10A System Controller

    Shimadzu SCL-10A System Controller

    Shimadzu FRC-10A Fraction Collector

    Shimadzu HPLC injector

    Shimadzu LC-10AD HPLC Pump

    Shimadzu LC-10AT VP Pump

    Shimadzu LC-6A Isocratic HPLC pump

    Shimadzu RF-10A SpectroFluorometric HPLC Detector

    Shimadzu SPD-10AV UV-Vis HPLC Detector

    Shimadzu UV-1601 UV-Visible Spectrophotometer

    Spectrum Medical Model 901 Infusion/Withdrawal Pump s/n: A-25193

    Thermco Gas Mixer Model: 85150Ai37.8x170 Oxygen/Air

    Thermo FORMA Steri Cult 200 Incubator

    Thermo FORMA Barnstead Q Max 7000 Tabletop Shaker

    Thermo Forma Orbital Shaker Model 480

    Thermo Scientific NESLAB Merlin M25 Recirculating Chiller

    Thermo Model 2309 rotator

    Thermo MuiltiSkan Spectrum Type 1500

    Thermo Orion Model 720 A Plus pH meter

    Thermo Centrifuge 3L-GP-4500R

    UVP UVX Radiometer with UVX-25 and UVX-31 sensors

    VirTis Freeze Mobile 6 freeze dryer

    VirTis Freeze Mobile 12LE freeze dryer

    VWR / ShelLab Model 2250 CO2 incubator

    VWR circulating water bath Model 1235

    VWR Model 200 Rocking Platform (Double-tiered)

    VWR Revco Freezer Model U2016FA14

    Wallac 1450-022 Microbeta Trilux Multidetector Scintillation and Luminescence Counter

    Watson Marlow 704U/R IP55 Washdown industrial and process pump

    Watson Marlow 604 U/R Pump

    Zeiss Standard 25 transmitted light microscope

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