• ..Need advice regarding kidney disease and non-regenerative anemia

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    Laura Fenik wrote:
    [Looking for advice on how to help our beloved Victoria (white
    cat). She
    was recently diagnosed with the beginning stages of kidney disease
    non-regenerative anemia. We've been giving her subcutaneous fluids

    Can the kidney disease and non-regenerative anemia be stopped, or

    See this link to an article I posted to our LogicalInsight.net
    about Victoria's health: http://logicalinsight.net/house/healingpurrrsneeded.html

    Victoria Needs Healing Purrrs!

    Sweet Victoria has been very sick. She recently had her second
    transfusion. The diagnosis is that Victoria is at the earliest
    stages of
    kidney disease, has non-regenerative anemia, and a slight heart

    We?ve made several trips from Johnstown to Pittsburgh, PA, to a
    specialty veterinary care animal hospital. Victoria has had enough
    needles, syringes (including for feeding at times), probings, and
    her fur shaved, meow!!
    Currently the cause of Victoria?s non-regenerative anemia is not
    A bone marrow biopsy may pinpoint this. We?ve not done this yet as
    understand it to be a painful process but we are thinking about it
    need to do more research. We want to ensure that Victoria?s quality
    life is improving and not stressful for her.

    We?ve been giving Victoria subcutaneous fluids at home (Ringer?s
    solution) as she is dehydrated. This helps her feel better, keep
    those fluids! Plus a drug to stimulate red blood cell growth, an
    appetite stimulant, and other important medications. Victoria
    down to 7.35 pounds (from around 10 pounds a little over a year
    within a short period of time.

    Victoria lived with my parents and brother in West Virginia before
    parents passed away. My family wanted a white cat as our father was

    mostly blind in his later years (he had 10% of his vision and could
    white). Victoria is our angel kitty and much loved family member.
    been blessed to have her in our lives and want her to be with us
    many more years.

    Please send lots of healing Purrrrs to Victoria! If you can provide
    insight on how the kidney disease and non-regenerative anemia can
    halted (if that?s possible) or helped, please contact me. Victoria
    meowwws her thanks in advance!

    Giving fluids (be careful of
    the amount and frequency - consult your vet) under the skin can be
    very helpful and provide an extended lifespan (with good quality of
    life) for cats suffering from kidney issues.

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  • From Laura@21:1/5 to All on Mon Mar 16 20:56:15 2020
    Thank you, MummyChunk for your reply. My apologies for not replying sooner. I'm new to Usenet. I use MicroPlanetGravity (MPG) and cannot get your post to display, nor can I reply to your post for some reason on MPG (I will be looking into this more).
    Therefore I reluctantly came to google groups and can see your post and can reply to you as well.

    We have been seeing several veterinarians for Victoria. One showed us how to give the fluids to her at home which I've been doing daily as well as giving her a subcutaneous injection once a week of darbopoetin to help with regeneration of red blood cells.

    Yes, it is so important to keep our feline companions hydrated who suffer from kidney problems. We see such an improvement in Victoria's quality of life from giving her fluids.

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