• Zeno's silly Paradox was correctly resolved

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    Zeno's paradox is solved by time continuing to
    a completion of an unlimited interval. You can
    cut finite by half forever but by time that comes to
    an end... and in space... it lands on the continuum
    hypothesis or where there is the size of infinity
    of the infinitely small. There is final space time
    for that order...

    Mitchell Raemsch

    The funniest thing ever heard about completion of Zeno's Paradox is involving the time concept with velocity or acceleration about a purely mathematical issue that deals basically with space properties, where space "in mathematics" means "
    nothingness" itself

    They were simply mixing physical issues with purely theoretical issues in order to convince people of modest or poor minds about their fake completion for sure

    How can truly "nothingness" or the same as "space" in mathematics be ever bounded by purely human mind fictions like infinity "outwardly" and similarly pure mind fictions like zero "inwardly" as well? wonders!

    Even physics had fallen victim in this deep human mind trap of infinite and infinitism since they could never understand that both mathematical terms are useless and almost the same

    Otherwise, state, immediately "if you have the minimum courage"
    What is your largest ***FINITE*** natural number?

    **NOTE** I'm not talking generally about the largest natural number (that everyone knows it doesn't exist)

    And you would immediately realize that there is no difference at all between those two wrong and very meaningless concepts in mathematics FOR SURE

    So to say, not only the pure mind fiction infinity but also Zero is the last corrupted tooth that must be dismantled from the entire mathematics FOR SURE

    Why I do claim this, simply because numbers are pure properties of **SPACE**, Where space is nothingness **in mathematics**

    Since space is a place where the utterly existing physical world had emerged inside it momentarily (as if not at all existing, except in minds)

    And space can be visualized throw three perpendicular distances extended indefinitely in all opposite directions of that nothingness

    Where no pure mind fiction like infinity can ever bound **outwardly** the space of nothingness, nor pure mind fiction like zero can bound **inwardly** the space of nothingness

    For illustrations, you came to know recently about very far galaxies and much more worlds that we would never know, same like when you came to know about an atom size and many smaller worlds that you would never come to know

    That is human minds think in terms of big and small, where they think wrongly that the smaller things get suddenly vanished just because it is out of their ability of visibility

    In short, space or nothingness can't ever be bounded in size where the whole existence issue is never a matter of image size or volume

    And once, one is an arbitrary existing distance in space, then one only can creat the existing numbers, in double perpendicular moves in a plan one can creat the irrational like sqrt(2) as the diagonal of a square with that one as unity side
    distance and strictly by the Pythagorean theorem and nothing else for sure

    And similarly in space and in triple perpendicular moves, *ONE* only can create the sqrt(3), irrational as the longest diagonal of a cube with unity side distance *ONE*, where the rationals were also a creatin of only *ONE*

    So, **ONE** is the whole existing number that only can create the numbers

    As were classified in your own mathematics as constructible numbers

    But the human infidels like to imitate the true one by manufacturing a fake one like this no one nor any existing number (0.999...)

    Where then they have filled the universe with those many fake numbers, such that the whole universe (if truly existing) is insufficient to contain only a single number from their uncountable fake numbers and FOR SURE

    Where then, everything becomes clearer more than ever and many unsolved problems would be immediately well-understood not to be more than a very silly mind cheat FOR SURE

    Consider for example a polynomial P(x) of a known degree, if not factorable in constructible numbers, then, it doesn't have any true **EXISTING** roots

    Where the origin of the solvable polynomials are equations in constructible numbers variables generally or solvable Diaphontine Equations in particular where also the number of truly existing roots may not be necessarily up to the degrees of
    those polynomials

    However, the entire issue of solvable polynomials can be reproduced in new forms that you most likely have not the slightest idea about this very central issue in the whole mathematics FOR SURE

    But, I truly don't have sufficient times for that and for the academic and most specialized imbeciles as well

    And since we have long ago refuted the general Cardano formula for cubic equations, some academic thieves started recently in this new thrilling directions searching or most likely fabricating older sources in order to bring it slowly for you
    such that your so sensitive feeling doesn't get heated about the simplest fundamental issues that should be rediscovered by your own self as a knowledgeable academics in this field

    Observe carefully here, how some of the Stalk Exchange academic imbeciles and moderators started clearly (but indirectly) talking openly about false roots of Cardano formula


    As if, everything of great discovery made solely by talented amateurs and pointed out repeatedly for all academics professionals in the field in free public forums (once proven), mustn't ever be attributed to the original discoverer, in no way
    and no matter if the whole foundation's of mathematics were thrown to the rubbish

    Since such great events in mathematics history (once they force themselves) must only and strictly be attributed to chosen people and most likely **in power** from the same field of academia

    But no problem at all into those many uncountable very silly issues that are covered with a very thick layer of dust and filling the earth as well to be granted for those negligible imbeciles from the whole world of academia FOR SURE

    Hence, Zeno's Paradox is completely resolved since it is describing numbers that never exists and exactly like asking what is the greatest real number that is strictly less than one and saying herein in a binary base two number system, THAT

    Disclaimer: I have solved the Zeno's Paradox correctly for the first time in history

    Dan C-T wrote:

    It's.... QUIZ TIME!

    No, it must be the Doom's (Judgement) day for all theoretical scientists trolls (not only necessarily in mathematics)


    Look above for such a simple old ancient issue of the Greek

    It seems, so many new revisions in 2020, so many modifications, so much nonsense ever written about such a very silly problem that deserves a minute or so to completely understand without any further unnecessary too lengthy business about it FOR SURE

    The whole problem is basically the indefinite sum of a geometric series as this:

    (1/2 + 1/4 + ... + 1/2^n = (2^n - 1) / 2^n, where (n) is natural number

    In other words, it is perpetually a ratio of two successive natural numbers that is perpetually and strictly less than one, (since no successive integers are equal), nor the natural numbers ever end (since the largest integer doesn't exist)

    But, what they have discovered all those thousands of years is that two sucessive integers are equals when they stupidly think that goes indefinitly

    In other simpler words, they have invented that limit with the greatest help of fiction like infinity to limit the natural numbers (which are truly unlimited), like this, they always understand it by a very stupid decision

    (1/2 + 1/4 + 1/8 ... = Lim {n -->oo} [(2^n -1)/2^n] = Lim {n -->oo}[1-2^{-n}] = 1

    Whereas, the simple truth they hate to see it, again and again, is this:

    (1/2 + 1/4 + 1/8 ... = Lim {n -->oo} [(2^n -1)/2^n] =

    lim{n-->oo}[(2^{no number as oo} - 1) / 2^{no number as oo}

    = No number /No number = NO NUMBER (FOR (100%) SURE

    In other words, they were talking about no existing distance (but they never like to know) or what is the greatest distance that is strictly less than the distance one

    Of course, it doesn't exist since the existing distance is existing number as well

    In short, and in base two decimal number system if this is ever a number

    (0.111...), then must be the greatest number that is strictly less than one

    and similarly, in base 10 decimal number system that if this is ever a number (0.999...), then, must be the greatest rational or decimal number that is strictly less than one wherein both cases it doesn't exist and hence no numbers

    Do you see how funny that most of the greatest puzzles in the history of mathematics are truly too.... silly

    And Donnkeypedia writers, Famous Journals and Universities, secretive researchers, book authors, ..., etc, would keep trading foolishly with it forever as long as stupid people are available in plenty FOR SURE

    There must be truly a Judgement day for everyone to understand

    Bassam King Karzeddin

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    Zeno's Paradox is no Paradox at all since it is exactly like searching the greatest distance that is strictly less than an arbitrary existing unity distance that never exists

    Similarly, in numbers, it is the greatest number that is strictly less than one, which doesn't exist (since the real existing are described strictly and only constructible) numbers, which are isolated and hence discrete numbers

    And in binary base two number system, it is represented like this:

    (0.111...), Which is no number FOR SURE

    Zeno Paradox is therefore completed

    Copyright (c), 2020

    Bassam Karzeddin

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