• Confirmation immediately wanted from well-trusted academic professional

    From bassam karzeddin@21:1/5 to All on Sat Jul 11 02:18:13 2020
    Confirmation immediately wanted from well-trusted academic professional mathematicians or alike, strictly (with their true identity names) for purely a future and natural historical record about the following very important issues in their basic
    mathematics, to answer only by true or false, (T or F) for the following alleged mathematical statements by myself

    1) Infinity is a pure mind fiction in modern mathematics

    2) (0.999...) is no number

    3) Real numbers are only constructible numbers in mathematics where the irrational non-constructible numbers never exist

    4) Cardano formula is false

    5) Continuity of real numbers in mathematics is false, where real numbers are discrete numbers and strictly classified as constructible numbers

    6) The reason for the impossibility of solving the general quintic equations and higher polynomials by radicals was so simple and due to fabricated polynomials from obvious insolvable Diaphontine equations that needs few minutes to fully understand

    7) The OLD Ancient Greek THREE impossible Construction problems were solved due to no existence of the circle, nor the existence of cube root two, also the non-existence of most the well-known angles in both old and modern mathematics as well, like this
    non-existing angle (PI/9) for example

    8) The decision of fabricating the imaginary numbers was a very false and stupid decision

    9) The fundamental theorem of algebra is false

    10) Zero isn't a number like fiction infinity

    Thanking your true and honest cooperation in this too important issues for all the school students on this planet


    Bassam King Karzeddin

    July 11th, 2020

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