• unexpected uses of the Gaussian integral

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    A long four-part paper by the Japanese mathematician S. Mochizuki
    culminating in a proof of the abc conjecture (by Oesterle and Masser)
    has been accepted for publication after eight years of refereeing.
    (The majority of specialists abroad appear to remain unconvinced.)

    In an accompanying explanatory paper:

    <http://www.kurims.kyoto-u.ac.jp/~motizuki/Alien%20Copies, %20Gaussians,%20and%20Inter-universal%20Teichmuller%20Theory.pdf>

    Mochizuki relates his proof concept to the textbook computation of the
    famous definite integral INT(EXP(-x^2), x, -inf, inf). Reading the
    review in ยง1 may be a good way to unlearn how to compute the integral.


    mathHand.com can compute it by one click.

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