• simple yet difficult problem

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    I tried:

    4 - x^2
    ------- = 4
    2 - x

    in socratic. It gave me step by step solution
    with around 30 steps (sic!) saying x=2.

    Ha Ha

    Oops, 30 steps with (seck!) also, what an invention and silly cheat are that you bring with you always BIG MORON with all your Donkeypedia nonsense references? for sure

    We have this natural simple form D. Eqn

    2 + x = 4

    What is the unknown natural number when added to two would yield four

    Oops, a great puzzle with you, it is only two and that was the whole problem

    But when a Wikipedia moron writer wants to complicate it and make so lengthy business (with copyrights also) out of nothing, they simply multiply the LHS side of above D.Eqn, with ONE in the form [(2-x)/(2-x)], so the cheater gets the above form he
    brought like this

    4 - x^2
    ------- = 4
    2 - x

    In the hope that one day this would become one day one of the most unsolvable problems that would bother all the future generations about it

    Please Recognize immediately the incurable imbeciles residing here on your sites


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