• fyi, couple of report updates

    From Nasser M. Abbasi@21:1/5 to All on Wed Dec 23 13:23:11 2020

    with release of Maple 2020.2 and Mathematica 12.2, I've updated the
    "Solving partial differential equations in Maple and Mathematica"
    report which uses my collection of PDE's stored in sqlite database,
    to see how these systems improved from earlier report which used
    Maple 2020 and Mathematica 12.1. All on windows 10, same PC, same


    Both Maple and Mathematica have improved. With Mathematica going
    from solving 72.02% to solving 72.56% of the problems and Maple going
    from solving 89.41% to 89.51%.

    Total number of PDE's is 2,012.

    The break down based on PDE type is also given above in a table.

    The current PDE collection is heavily influenced by PDE's from
    Handbook of first order partial differential equations by Polyanin, Zaitsev (2004),
    (1,585 PDE's added so far) where Maple does better on first order

    Mathematica scored better on Hyperbolic PDE's (Wave) and
    Parabolic PDE's (Diffusion) while Maple scored a little better
    on Elliptic PDE's (Laplace, Poisson, Helmholtz).

    Maple is still faster. Using about 9 hrs to solve all problems and Mathematica about 14.5 hrs. There is 10 minutes time-limit on each PDE.

    I've updated my own program which generates step-by-step solution of

    "Solved dfferential equations problems from selected text books"


    Now it has 3,647 ODE's solved. These are collection from 25 different textbooks. The program now can solved many types of first order
    and second order ODE's and system of linear ode's. And shows
    step-by-step solution for each. Ofcourse, there is still some bugs
    and improvement needed there. The program verifies each ODE solution
    using Maple's odetest. It harder to develop, since it has to generate
    Latex at the same time as it runs.

    fyi, I will also be updating the CAS integration test reports at


    Using the new versions of CAS, which will take about 2 months to complete.

    It will use the same Rubi's test suite input files as last time, but with any newer versions of any CAS used before which has been updated and available
    at this time.


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