• Annoucemnt: FriCAS 1.3.7 is released

    From antispam@math.uni.wroc.pl@21:1/5 to All on Wed Jun 30 15:17:39 2021
    FriCAS is an advanced computer algebra system. Its capabilities
    range from calculus (integration and differentiation) to abstract
    algebra. It can plot functions and has integrated help system.

    FriCAS 1.3.7 should build on Linux and many Unix like systems (for
    example Mac OSX and Cygwin). FriCAS is build on top of Common Lisp;
    several Lisps can compile and run FriCAS -- currently supported are
    SBCL, Clisp, ECL, Closure CL (former OpenMCL).

    Old project page:


    Main documentation page:


    Download pages:


    Mailing list. Please sign up before posting a message.


    Notable changes (compared to version 1.3.6):

    - Added new formatting framework.

    - The FRICASsys binary will use its parent directory when
    FRICAS environment variable is not set.

    - Polynomial rings are now of FreeModuleCategory.

    - Removed remains of obsolete commands.

    - Small improvements to integrator.

    Bug fixes, in particular:

    - Fixed various build problems.

    - Fixed tests for bad reduction during polynomial factrization and GCD.

    - Worked around buffer overflow with large process identifiers.

    - Removed non-Unicode default for sbcl.

    Waldek Hebisch

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