• Topological Relational Algebra in Lisp

    From Phelan Jackson@21:1/5 to All on Fri Feb 3 15:34:38 2017
    I think I noticed the same thing the other week - topologies are
    defined by their binary distance relations (apologize for my poor use
    of notation, I have a bachelors but I'm no academic). Googled
    "relational algebra topology" and found this post but the link to the
    article seems to be broken.

    So why shouldn't relational databases take advantage of this fact? I
    understand it might be difficult for complex structures, but I really
    like the idea of "querying" based on the actual structure of data (e.g.
    colors in a wheel) instead of just throwing everything in a table and
    acting like it's all unrelated data points (and then analyzing it stochastically).  I've seen tables where parent and child relations are
    used to represent hierarchies but usually it's all transactional (so
    the data points in a row are just related by definition)

    I was actually thinking about speech analytics when I made the
    connection. For instance, the phrase "red and blue" seems to have a
    topological structure in terms of the words: (red, and) (and, blue) are distance relations but (red, blue) definitely isn't.  However, the
    phrase "red blue" would correspond to (red, blue) but intuitively this
    seems more like purple.

    This is an overly simple example but just wanted to start up a
    conversation. Looking forward to your reply.

    *as a side note this makes the whole "non relational DBMS" movement
    seem like an oxymoron

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