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    poly-e low and high density,pet&nylons can be vacume metalized
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    Subject: [Q] Melallized Plastic Films
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    Dear colleague

    I am posting this for a friend.
    He is looking for information on metallized plastic films.

    what kind of plastics can be metallized ?
    who manufactures this type of film and what are the end products ?

    What kind of process is requires to manufacture ?
    Who own the technologies ?
    What kind of equipment is needed ?
    Who manufactures this kind of equipment ?

    Any related information will be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance




    Deat Bama,

    Good days,

    Here is Ming , we are the manufacturer of the metallized films , could you kindly tell me your problem , and i will do my best to support you .looking forward your reply .

    Thanks and best regards !


    email :www.mingyingx@gmail.com

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